The fat problem has become very common today, everyone is troubled by them. The more fat is on the stomach, the more the risk of diseases will increase, as well as the body also starts to appear unformed. Due to unhealthy lifestyles, poor eating habits, not exercising regularly, and stress, this belly fat keeps on increasing. However, belly fat can be reduced to a great extent with the help of a balanced diet, exercise, and yoga. You must take some time out for your body. Today in this episode, we are going to give you information about some Yogasanas, using which the increasing belly fat can be easily reduced. Do take out time and do these yoga asanas. Let us know about these yoga asanas.

The practice of Bhujangasana is beneficial for reducing weight and reducing belly fat. The abdominal muscles are strengthened by the practice of this asana, due to which the fat around the abdomen can be easily reduced. Along with this, people suffering from spinal problems also get benefit from this yoga. There is also relief in the problem of cervical. To do this asana, first of all, lie down on your stomach and place your palms under your shoulders. Deep Breathing As the name suggests, the yoga asana is inspired by the shape of a boat. It is also known as the boat pose. It puts pressure on the abdomen and works to develop the ab muscles. It increases blood and oxygen circulation around the abdomen. For this, lie down on your back. Keep feet together and arms alongside your body. Take a deep breath. Now while exhaling, slowly raise your chest and legs. Engage the arms by pulling them towards the legs in such a way that you can keep your eyes, fingers, and toes in a straight line. Will feel tension around the belly. Stay in the pose while taking a deep breath. Once you have completed this, exhale and return to your original position. You can do 3-4 sets of Naukasana daily. Don't overdo it.

To reduce this belly fat, the practice of this Yogasana is most effective. Practicing Falakasana burns calories. Regular practice of this yoga asana improves core strength, body flexibility, and metabolism. To do this asana, get into the state of Uttanasana. Now move the right and left leg backward. Lift the body on both palms and give full weight on the toes. Try to keep the body straight. Keep the hands very straight, do not let the knees bend. Stay in this position for about 40 to 60 seconds. Then bend the knees and put them on the ground and rest for some time.

It can be chosen in yoga asanas to reduce stomach. While doing this asana, the body comes in a triangle-like posture, hence it is called Trikonasana. Trikon means three-angled and asana means posture. To do this, you stand at a distance of about two feet between the two feet. Keep both hands straight along the body. Now spread your arms away from the body to the shoulder and while breathing, take the right hand up and touch it to the ear. After this, while exhaling slowly, bend from the waist to the left. During this, the right hand should remain adjacent to the ear and not bend the knees. Now try to bring the right-hand parallel to the ground. Simultaneously try to touch the left ankle with the left hand. Stay in this posture for about 10-30 seconds and keep breathing at a normal pace. Then come back to normal position while breathing. Do the same on the right side. One can do three to four such cycles.

By doing Malasan, the stomach, and waist get strengthened and the fat is reduced. This asana also gets rid of the problem of constipation and gas. For this asana, sit in the posture of defecation and keep the hands in the posture of Namaskar. There should be some distance between your two feet. Rest the elbows of both hands on both knees in the posture of Namaskar. Stay in this pose for a few seconds and exhale while taking a deep breath. Now in the sitting position, bring both legs together and keep the hands forward. After this, raise both hands in the air towards the side and take them above the head and join both hands. Now slowly bring both hands back down and keep them near the toes of both feet. Bend from behind while lifting the waist and hips and then slowly come up and stand straight.

Tiryaka Tadasana
Abdominal fat can be easily reduced by doing Tiryak Tadasana three to four times a day. By doing this asana, along with abdominal fat, the extra fat of the whole body can also be reduced. By doing this yoga, the fat from the stomach to the waist will be reduced and the body becomes flexible. This asana reduces waist and abdominal fat, as well as relieves constipation. You can also do this asana to increase the height of children. This asana is also best for asthma and respiratory diseases. If you want to reduce obesity, then do this asana 3-4 times a day. This asana will reduce belly fat.

It is made up of two words yoga pada i.e. feet and hasta i.e. hands. While doing this yoga, the hands are kept adjacent to the feet on the ground, which is called Padahastasana. Regular practice of Padahastasana can help in reducing excess belly fat. For this, stand straight on the yoga mat by joining the feet and keeping the hands straight. Now while breathing, raise your hands. After this, while exhaling, bend forward and try to touch both palms with the ground near the feet. Also, try to touch your forehead with your knees. In this state, hold your breath. Keep in mind that the part below the waist should not bend. Stay in this posture for a few seconds and then rise while breathing and try to bend backward while moving your hands up. After this, while exhaling, bend forward. Do this about three to four times.

It not only reduces belly fat but also relieves thyroid, constipation, indigestion, diabetes, and anxiety. This strengthens the muscles. To do this asana, lie down in the posture of Shavasana and keep the hands completely straight. Now bend the knees and while inhaling slowly move both legs up towards the air for one to two feet. Try to hold your breath for as long as you can. Lift the waist slightly above the ground and try to move the feet back towards the head. Keep both hands below the waist. Now, while exhaling, slowly bring both legs forward and keep them on the ground.