In Hindu society, there are certain festivals, especially for women only. So let's know what are the 16 things that come in the makeup of a married woman so that she remains the center of attraction among the people in the family.

1. Maang Tikka - Whenever women do makeup, they first wear Maang Tikka. Because it is the protector of the vermilion provided by the husband. Maang tika hanging till the forehead reaches below both the brows till the last end, where men apply tilak, hence it is called maang tika.

2. Bindiya - Bindiya on the forehead is considered to be the symbol of every woman's happiness. It looks very beautifully decorated in red color on the forehead. Where this dot is on the forehead, it concentrates our accumulated rituals in the form of divine energy.

3. Kajal - Kajal is the secret of the beauty of a woman's eyes. Without kajal, eyes do not look beautiful. Women's eyes are compared to the eyes of a deer or the eyes of a fish. Where Kajal protects from the evil eye, it adds beauty to your beauty.

4. Nath - This ornament worn on the nose adds to the beauty. It is worn in small and big sizes in different traditions and rituals. That's why it is considered very important for a married woman to wear this ornament in the form of a nail or nostril for the rest of her life.

5. Vermilion - Vermilion is the beauty of a woman and the crown of her head. All types of makeup are considered incomplete without vermilion. With a pinch of vermilion, two people become companions for births.

6. Mangalsutra - It is an Indian tradition that a woman should never live with an empty neck. Mangalsutra is considered the most ideal for this. Which is such a thread that everything becomes auspicious after wearing it. Any woman separates from this thread only when her husband leaves her.

7. Earrings - Earrings are also very important in enhancing the beauty of a woman. In fact, without the makeup of the ear, the decoration of a woman remains faded.

8. Henna - It is said that the darker the color of the henna, the more your loved ones love you. The color of Mehendi is compared to the love of the Beloved. That's why Mehendi also remains the first choice of married women in 16 adornments. The house courtyard of the girl is not only fragrant with the sweet fragrance of Mehndi but also adds to the beauty of the girl. That's why it is also said that Mehndi is incomplete without a bride.

9. Bangles and bracelets - Red-colored bangles reflect the fickleness of the mind. Anyway, until the bangles and bracelets don't tinkle in the hands of the bride, it is not realized that the bride has come home. The bracelets and bangles included in the very beautiful makeup not only charm the women but also steal the hearts of the men.

10. Gajra - Gajra plays the task of enhancing the beauty of hair even more. Unless the hair is fragrant, your house will not smell good. The fragrance of flowers keeps the mind fresh and cool.

11. Armlets - Apart from gold in the market, bracelets made of silver and pearls are present in the market today. Wearing this not only adorns the hands of a woman, but it also looks beautiful.

12. Ring - The ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. The bride can admire her face whenever she wants with the lead attached to the ring. Due to this, the image of her husband remains in her mind. Nowadays new designs of rings are available in the market. Which you can buy based on your choice and ability.

13. Waistband - Waistband is also called strong. The waistband worn on a saree or lehenga adds to the beauty of a woman.

14. Payal - The bride is the Grihalakshmi of her house. The anklet is silver. Silver is the metal of the Moon, the Moon is the factor of the mind in the body. The ghungroos ringing in the anklets prevent the mind from wandering. And gives peace and strength to the whole family to keep it together like a knot. That's why the cham-chham of anklets is considered very beautiful.

15. Bichhiya - Bichhiya is worn as the last ornament on the feet. It is customary to wear nettles in the middle three fingers of both feet. All the makeup of a woman is between the nettle and the tika. The meaning of gold vaccine and silver nettle is that the blessings of both the sun, the cause of the soul, and the moon, the cause of the mind, remain constant throughout life.

16. Clothes - The last adornment in the beauty of a married woman is her clothes. On this day women mostly wear red-colored sarees and go to worship Gangaur Mata. In which she looks like a completely beautiful idol.