Mint Face Pack: As soon as the summer season starts, everyone makes mint a part of their diet. Because it gives a feeling of coolness and freshness to the body. But do you know that it can also become a part of your beauty care routine? This can give many benefits to the skin. Actually, many types of nutrients are found in mint. Salicylic acid and Vitamin A are found in them, and the antibacterial properties present in them cure acne and pimples. It can also help to hydrate and tone your skin naturally. If you also want to tone your skin in the summer season, then apply three face packs made from it.

Mint and Cucumber Face Pack
Everyone is aware of how beneficial mint and cucumber are in summer, so why not use them as a face pack? This brings shine to the skin and also makes the skin glowing. To make a face pack of mint and cucumber, take fresh mint leaves. Take half a cucumber. Grate the cucumber. Take out its juice. Now grind cucumber juice and mint leaves. Apply this paste on your entire face and neck. After 20 minutes wash the face with water.

Mint Tulsi and Neem Pack
The face pack of mint and basil can also remove many problems related to the skin in summer. For this, take some leaves of mint, basil and neem. Grind them all in a grinder. If a fine paste is made, apply it all over the face and neck. After half an hour wash the face with clean water.

Mint and Multani Mitti Face Pack
In summer, people often apply the Multani Mitti face pack. To make it even more effective, prepare a face pack of mint and Multani mitti. This will make your skin fresh. Will remove extra oil from the skin. To make a face pack of mint and multani mitti, first of all grind mint leaves. Mix one spoon of Multani Mitti in it. Add one teaspoon more honey or curd to it. Now apply this paste all over your face. Clean the skin after 20 minutes. By applying this pack, the skin becomes shiny. The stickiness caused by sweating also goes away and the skin also gets coolness.