Hair breakage, weakening and baldness is a common problems. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle and non-essential foods, one has to deal with problems like hair fall. Many people are going bald at the age of 20-25, due to which they have to face embarrassment and low confidence. Today we are telling about those 5 home remedies which will remove your tension.

Tension is one of the main reasons for hair fall, so you must regularly massage your scalp with oil. By doing this, stress remains away and blood circulation also becomes better.

Hair falls due to a lack of nutrients, so it is better that you eat protein and vitamins regularly and plenty in your diet, this leads to better hair growth.

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory elements are found in onion, which apart from increasing the strength of hair, also helps in removing scalp problems. By applying onion juice to the hair roots, the scalp gets protein keratin, which gives it a lot of strength.

Green tea improves the body's metabolism and it also reduces body fat, it is very beneficial for hair health. You can increase hair growth by using tea bags as a hair mask.

Fenugreek contains protein, iron, and nicotinic acid which also strengthens the hair roots. Along with this, the natural oil of fenugreek brings shine to the hair and also protects it from breakage.