By defeating Gujarat, Chennai Super Kings have confirmed their place in the finals. You will be surprised to know that Chennai's record of reaching the finals surprises everyone. IPL is just one step away from the title. Let me tell you that the final of IPL will be played on May 28 but who will be in front of Chennai it will be known after the clash between Mumbai and Lucknow.

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Chennai's record in the final is very dangerous.

If we talk about Chennai Super Kings, then the Chennai team has captured the IPL trophy four times. This time it will play its 10th IPL final. In the history of IPL, Chennai Super Kings have played 9 finals so far He has won the match 4 times and captured four trophies, while he had to face defeat in the final 5 times but even then he had to become the runner-up.

Only this team has broken its back

Let us tell you that only one team in the history of IPL has broken the back of the Chennai Super Kings in the finals. Chennai has lost five matches in the finals, out of which Mumbai defeated them thrice in 2013-2015. In 2019, Mumbai defeated Chennai.

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Records in IPL Final so far

1. Year 2008 - Chennai vs Rajasthan - Rajasthan defeated in the final

2. Year 2010 - Chennai vs Mumbai - Won the trophy by defeating Mumbai in the final

3. Year 2011 - Chennai vs Bangalore - Bangalore in the final

4. 2012 - Chennai vs Kolkata - Kolkata beat in the Final

5. Year 2013 - Chennai vs Mumbai - Mumbai beat in the Final

6. the Year 2015 - Chennai vs Mumbai - Mumbai beat in the Final

7. Year 2018 - Chennai vs Sunrisers - Sunrisers won the trophy by defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad in the final

8. Year 2019 - Chennai vs Mumbai - Mumbai defeated in the final

9. Year 2021 - Chennai vs Kolkata - Won the trophy by defeating Kolkata in the final