Palak Tiwari's song 'Bijli Bijli' has been in the headlines ever since it was released. She is beautiful and talented like her mother and actress Shweta Tiwari. She was spotted some time ago with Saif Ali Khan's son Ibrahim Ali Khan. They were seen getting down from the same car.

Palak then tried to hide herself from the eyes of the media. Paparazzi had seen her hiding her face and clicked many of her photos and videos, which are doing the rounds on social media. Fans of the actress are desperate to know what is her relationship with Ibrahim? And why was she hiding her face from the media?

Palak answered all these questions during an interview. He said in a conversation with Siddharth Kanan that it was only a casual meeting, which I did not give much importance. Palak clearly said that they are just friends. They just went out together and the paparazzi spotted them.

Palak Tiwari was seen avoiding the eyes of the media
Palak told that there were many people with him who had gone to the restaurant, but the cameras clicked the photos of both of them. He also explained the reason behind hiding his face from the cameras. The actress told that she had not told mother Shweta Tiwari where she was going. So, she was hiding her face.

Mother Shweta keeps news of Palak's moment to moment
Palak further told that her mother takes great care of where she is. She says, 'I told my mother an hour before that night that I was heading towards home.' Palak was in Bandra at that time and she had said that there was traffic.

Palak told Ibrahim her good friend
When Palak Tiwari saw the photographer, she felt that now the mother will know where she is. She just tried to hide herself from the eyes of the cameras. Palak called Ibrahim her good friend. She revealed that she is single and enjoying life to the fullest.