The most telecasted film on TV is Suryavansham, which hardly anyone has seen. There must be many people in the country who have seen this film more than 10 times. Even today people repeat Heera Thakur's dialogues because this film has stuck in people's minds.

Do you know where the mansion seen in this film of Amitabh Bachchan is located? You will be surprised to know that this palace-like house is a hotel, which used to be Heera Thakur's house in the film. In today's article, we will give detailed information about this mansion.

Where is this hotel located?

This magnificent hotel that looks like a mansion is in the Palanpur area of ​​Banaskantha district of Gujarat. Famous as Balram Palace, the history of this palace is many years old. It was built during the Nawab rule.

NawabSaheb, not only Suryavansham but many films have been shot at this place away from the noise. This palace was constructed between 1922 and 1936. There is also a temple of Mahadev next to this temple.

Balram Palace is spread over 13 hectares of land. It is believed that this palace was constructed 100 years ago. Later it was bought by industrialist Harshadbhai Mehta and got it updated again. Harshadbhai Mehta spent lakhs on it and made it livable.

How many films have been shot?

Till now many films like Suryavansham, Kangan serial, Bhojpuri film, Saathiya, Aamir, and DilHaiTumhara have been shot in this mansion. This hotel has received the Best Heritage Hotel Award 4 times so far.

Facilities at Balram Palace

There are a total of 34 rooms in this mansion. If you just want to visit this hotel, the entry fee is Rs 300 per person. People also choose it as their wedding venue. The palace has many facilities for children ranging from games to a campfire, theatre, swimming pool, horse riding and jungle safari.

One Night Rent at Balram Palace

If you want to stay here for one night, you will have to pay Rs 8000 to 9000 for this. Whereas if you are booking a hotel with food, then you will have to pay a separate charge for it.

Image Credit- Freepik, Insta, Youtube