Actress Ruhi Singh has earned a lot of names in the industry in a short period. Her age is only 27 years old, but the actress has made a place in the hearts of fans with her acting and boldness. (photo credit Instagram)

Ruhi keeps fans updated with her bold photos on Instagram. Recently, she has shared the latest photos from the bedroom in which she is seen in different poses. (photo credit Instagram)

Ruhi is in a casual look in these photos. During this, she has carried a black T-shirt and she is seen in shorts. Along with this, she has also shared a positive message. (photo credit Instagram)

Along with the photos, Ruhi wrote in the caption - My job today is to remove the dirt from my house, my mind and my phone. After that, I have to go to the bookstore, get some books and water the plants. (photo credit Instagram)

Along with sharing his day's to-do list, he wrote- If we start focusing on those small things and get happy in them then nothing is more beautiful than life. For me, having my needs fulfilled is a luxury. I am thankful to God for this. Thank you for all these blessings. (photo credit Instagram)

Apart from this, she has also shared a video from her home in which she is in a bold white outfit and is seen dancing on the bed. His style is looking killer during this time. (photo credit Instagram)