Aamir Khan Yes, one such name in Bollywood who remains on top. He made his debut in Bollywood with his first film Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and started his career. The film was directed by Mashoor Khan. For your information, let us tell you that it proved to be a blockbuster of that era.

Juhi Chawla worked with Aamir Khan in this film, and Mansoor Khan directed the film. In such a situation, during an interview, he also shared an anecdote related to 1 film. Many interesting things were also told in it, probably very few people know these things. Yes, let us tell you.

Mansoor Khan told in an interview that, during this shooting, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla had to do a kissing scene. Yes, during the shooting of the song "Akele Hum To Kya Gham Hai" from this movie, the actress had to kiss the cheek and forehead of Aamir Khan at that time.

Mansoor said that Juhi had refused to do this scene on the last occasion, when she came to know about this, Juhi did not agree to film this scene, so for some time she was shocked and Was forced, due to which he stopped shooting for 10 minutes.

Mansoor Khan gave a break for 10 minutes, after which he told in the interview that, after the shooting stopped, he sat in front of Juhi Chawla and explained the depth of the scene to him, and in the end, Juhi Chawla was thoroughly kissed in this film. The meaning of doing it was explained that there is a demand for the script, so he had agreed to do this scene in such a situation.

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