Paris Hilton's baby boy Paris Hilton is a Hollywood actress and singer. She has also appeared in many Hollywood films. Apart from this, she has also worked in many music videos. She is also very famous in India.

Paris Hilton baby boy: Bollywood actress Paris Hilton has become a mother. She married Carter Riam. Now the reality TV host and her husband Carter Riam have welcomed their first son. Both have become parents through surrogacy. Paris Hilton has given this information through a post on social media. Many people like Kim Kardashian have congratulated her on this.

Paris announced that she has become a mother

Paris surprised fans on Wednesday. She announces that she has become a mother. She has also given this information in an interview. Apart from this, she has also posted a post on social media. Paris Hilton has also shared the first picture of her son. In this, her son is seen holding her hand. Sharing the pictures, Paris wrote, 'You are getting a lot of love.'

Many Hollywood celebrities are congratulating Paris Hilton

Many Hollywood celebrities like TV personality and businesswoman Kim Kardashian are congratulating her on this. Singer Demi Lovato has written, 'Congratulations sister.' Kim Kardashian is an older friend of Paris Hilton. She has written on Instagram, I am very happy for you guys. Paris and Carter got engaged in February 2021. They dated for 1 year before this. The two married in November 2021 after a three-day event.

Paris Hilton is pregnant with Carter Riam's child

Earlier on Tuesday, Paris gave an interview. In this, she said, 'My dream has been to become a mother. I am now the mother of Carter's child. I am very excited about it. We're starting a family. Our hearts are not bursting with happiness. Lots of love to our baby boy. Earlier in January 2022, she announced that she wanted to start a family soon. She also said that it is her top priority. She also said that she needed them immediately.