Salman Khan Galaxy Apartment: Ever since the bullets were fired outside Salman Khan's house, his family is in fear. After this firing, a close friend of the family had told that Bhaijaan's father wanted to leave this house and go somewhere else. Although this has happened many times before. But Salman Khan does not want to leave his one bedroom apartment and shift anywhere else. In such a situation, the question arises that why does Bhaijaan, despite being the owner of crores of rupees, still live in this house and why does he not want to leave it and go anywhere else.

This is the reason why

Salman Khan had revealed this in the year 2009 in Farah Khan's TV show 'Tere Mere Beech Mein'. During an episode of this show, Farah had asked Salman that why do you earn crores but still live in a one bedroom apartment. Because mother Salma Khan lives below his apartment. In response to this, Salman said yes. The actor had further said- 'When we were growing up, we used to go to our parents and lie down next to them.'

Did not go to the luxurious house.

Along with this, Dabang Khan said - 'Because of being close to mother and father Salim, he never left the Galaxy Apartment and went to the luxurious house.'

Arbaaz and Sohail shifted

While on one hand Salman lives with his parents in Galaxy Apartment, the other two sons changed their residence. Both Arbaaz and Sohail shifted somewhere else. The special thing is that while Salman lives in a one-bedroom apartment, he has a luxurious farmhouse where he keeps going for holidays with his family.

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