Ricardo Kaka ex-wife Caroline Celico: Great Brazilian footballer Ricardo Kaka has fans all over the world. He was called the most handsome footballer of his time. Kaka retired from professional football in 2017. Kaka could never win the World Cup, but he won the hearts of football lovers across the world with his game. Kaka has always been in the news for his football as well as personal life. Now his ex-wife has made a big revelation which people are surprised to know.

When did the marriage take place

Kaka married Caroline Celico in 2005. Both knew each other since childhood. Kaka and Celico were called a perfect couple. The marriage of both of them ended in 2015. Everyone was surprised to see this. The marriage of Kaka and Seliko lasted for 10 years.

Selico told the reason for divorce

Kaka's ex-wife Seliko revealed the reason for divorce after 9 years. She told that she separated from the superstar footballer because he was 'too perfect'. Both of them had two children but she was not happy. Now Celico has revealed that he felt something was missing.

'He was so perfect for me'

Celico said, “He never cheated me. He treated me well. They gave me a wonderful family, but I wasn't happy, something was missing. The problem was that he was too perfect for me.

Celico got married for the second time

Celico, 36, married Eduardo Scarpa Julio in 2021. Celico is expecting her third child with motorcyclist Eduardo Scarpa.

Kaka also moved forward

Kaka also moved ahead in his life. He fell in love with Carolina Dias. Both of them got married in 2019. Kaka and Dias have two children. Kaka, who hails from Brazil, represented the teams of Sao Paulo (Brazil), AC Milan (Italy), Real Madrid (Spain) and Orlando City (America) at the club level.