Kangana Ranaut has been in the limelight due to her statements and stand. In doing so, she has become the eyes of many. Normally, producers of any film expect to be politically corrupt from celebrities. But Jayalalithaa's makers are not worried about Kangana. He is not worried that Kangana's current statements will harm the film.

The producer of the film, Shailesh R Singh, says, "One is spreading the news that our film was associated with veteran cinematographer PC Shriram and he has left the film because of Kangana's political stand." This is completely wrong. The cinematographer of our film is Germany based Vishal Vittal.

The second thing that PC Shriram himself has said is that he has recently got a film offer which has Kangana. While my film Toleddy has been shot 70 percent. So he has nothing to do with this film.

The remaining shooting will start from October

He further added, 'We are going to shoot the rest of the film from October. Which will shoot in Chennai and Hyderabad only? Even before the picture was being shot there. The stand that Kangana is taking has nothing to do with the film. She is voicing her opinion on Sushant as a citizen. Kangana has her own opinion. He has the right to keep them. Who is saying in what context, it is a matter to be seen.

Kangana did not ask about drugs by asking me

He said, 'Kangna has said drugs in her knowledge. Neither did he ask me about this or I gave him a figure. I have never taken drugs and I do not smoke. So I do not know. Kangana's statement is also from when she used to go to parties. I was not with him in those days.

Currently, there is no plan for the next part of the Tanu series

Regarding the next part of 'Tanu Weds Manu', he said, 'There has been no talk on the next part of the film in the last year. I am currently busy with 'Jayalalithaa'. Anand L. Rai is busy with 'Atrangi Re'. Also, the 'Tanu' franchise was not coming out every other year. When the right story is found, it will be created. We have not used it in such a way that every two years we bring it and make 50 crores.

We do not make films thinking about hundred crores

We were also determined about 'Judicial Hai Kya' that it will do 30 to 40 crores only. We did not create 'Aligarh' and 'Omerta' thinking that they will do a hundred or two hundred crores. We were also making 'Jayalalithaa' because her journey was very exciting. Of course, she is not a Hindi belt, but she was a national personality.

People of different ideologies also respect each other.

'Anything can be said about Kangana, but she is an amazing actor. She was wearing this personality. That's why we are working with them. Hansal Mehta and Kangana also have a different ideology but as a talent the two respect each other. Under this, they worked together in 'Simran'. We are making films beyond his political views and will stop till theaters open. '