After the short video platform TikTok was banned, many apps have been knocked in the market as its alternative. At the same time, there was news that Youtube is also working on a short video app 'Youtube Shorts' and the company has officially started testing this app as well. However, this app has been introduced for testing in the Indian market and the company is preparing to launch it in many other countries soon. Even before it was launched worldwide, this app is becoming very popular among users. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that this app is getting 3.5 billion daily views.

According to the report, YouTube CEO Susan has reported that YouTube's short video app is getting 3.5 billion views daily. We will rollout this app in many countries this year. The Youtube Shorts app was launched in India in September last year, in which users can create and post videos of 15 seconds. The company will soon integrate it with Direct YouTube, after which users will get a chance to watch and upload short videos in YouTube itself.

This photo is taken from the company's official website.
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This photo was taken from Google's official website.
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Youtube Shorts is currently available in the beta version and will allow users to upload 60-second videos. Users can also add music of their choice with their video and there will be no need to pay any separate charge for it. Along with this, there will be facility of speed control along with recording, that is, users can record any type of video fast or slow in it. A timer is also given in this app, that is, you can set a timer during video recording.

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