The big news is coming from Uttar Pradesh's Agra district. Here, a private bus full of passengers has been hijacked by the miscreants. There has been a stir in the police department on the information on bus hijacking. According to media reports, the private bus was going from Gurugram to Madhya Pradesh, which has been hijacked on the way. It is being told that the driver and conductor have been taken down and taken to the unknown place of the bus. As of now, the bus has not been able to find any clue yet. Police are raiding in search of the bus.

The incident is of the southern bypass of the Malpura police station area in Agra district. It is being told that unknown miscreants aboard the car stopped the bus. The miscreants unloaded the driver-conductor from the bus and hijacked the private bus. It is being told that there were 34 passengers on the bus. After the information of the driver and conductor, there is a stir in the police department. All the top officials are present on the occasion. However, no information on the bus has been received. At present, the police are looking for a bus.

After the news came out, and attentive police statement came out that the bus owner had not paid the installment, due to which the employees of the finance company unloaded the driver and conductor and took the bus full of passengers. According to police, the driver and conductor have said that four people were claiming to be employees of the finance company. However, the police have not been able to accurately say whether the people who took the bus are crooks or employees of the finance company.