COVID-19 cases are declining in India. But leaving home without wearing a mask is still not free from danger. Along with wearing a mask, it is also very important to get Corona vaccinated. According to a new suggestion, you can protect yourself by applying the double mask.

The trend of double masks has been in the headlines in the USA in recent months. Most people are using homemade masks to protect themselves. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC), a double mask may be a better option to avoid the coronavirus. The CDC has also released some guidelines to make the mask better for you.

The double mask is more secure

According to a study conducted by the CDC at Hali, the double mask is safer to protect against Kovid-19. The study found that these masks help reduce the spread of the virus. Double masks provide more protection than single masks and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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What are its benefits?

The extra layer of the double mask creates a tight barrier that helps prevent germs and viruses from spreading and spreading the infection. It can also work better in reducing the spread of any infection.

Who should wear a double mask?

Wearing a double mask is beneficial but it can also feel quite uncomfortable. Actually, those who are most at risk of coronavirus should use double masks. Health workers, sanitation workers, employees come in contact with many patients and others daily. They need to wear double masks.

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Which places should wear a double mask?

Wearing double masks can be protected in some places. However, there is no need to wear a double mask at home. But double masks should be worn in polluted places, public transport, crowded places, hospitals, and places with poor ventilation.

Is it still necessary to cover the nose and mouth?

If the mask is used properly, then only it will protect against coronavirus. If you do not cover the mouth and nose, the virus can spread, and apply a mask will not be a protection. Therefore, the double mask should also cover the nose and mouth properly.

What are CDC guidelines?

There are many designer options of masks available in the market. What you need to check is its fitting, material, quality, and breathability.
CDC guidelines recommend people to check the following things in the mask:
Try to apply a cloth mask over the surgical mask. This will prevent the virus from entering easily.
Do not wear two disposable masks on top of each other.
If possible, use a layered cloth mask. Its fabric should be made of good fabric.
When wearing a double mask, the mask of the outer garment should be pressing the edges of your surgical mask.