Vyjayanti Mala, who won the hearts of everyone by acting and dancing, started her career at the age of 13. Vyjayanthi ruled the film industry for many decades. Born in the Tamil Brahmin family of Chennai, Vaijayanti Mala's father's name was M. D. Raman and his mother's name was Vasundhara Devi. Vyjayanthi Mala learned acting from her mother. Vyjayanth Mala's mother was a famous Tamil actress. Along with the actress, Vyjayanth Mala is a trend classical dancer. At the age of 7, he performed for the first time. Later at the age of 13, she started giving stage performances in Tamil Nadu. After this, he did his first film 'Varakai'. In Bollywood, Vyjayanth Mala acted in the films 'Bahar' and 'Girl'. She became a superstar from the movie Naagin. Let us tell you that Vayjayanti Mala was the first South Superstar who became a National Star.

Affairs made a lot of headlines

Apart from the film career, Vyjayanti Mala was also in discussion about her affairs. Kareena's grandmother Krishna Raj left the house due to the Vyjayanti Mala. Actually, at that time Raj Kapoor was looking for an actress for his film Sangam when he got his eye on Vyjayanth Mala. He took Vyjayanti Mala in his film. Both started spending time with each other. At that time, Raj Kapoor was dating Nargis, but with the arrival of Vyjayanthi Mala, he kept a distance from Nargis.

On the other hand, Raj Kapoor, wife of Raj Kapoor, got a clue about this. Krishna never believed that Nargis would not break his house. When Krishna reached the set of Sangam, she got upset seeing the growing proximity between Raj and Vyjayati. According to the news, Vyjayanti used to try every day to stay with Raj till late in the night.

Raj Kapoor's wife left home due to Vyjayanthi

One day something like this happened. Raj Kapoor did not return home at night. When Krishna got the address, Raj was with Vaijayanti Mala. That night Krishna Kapoor took a big decision. She left the house by preparing her children and taking the necessary items together. At that time, the children felt that the mother was taking them with her baby. This was mentioned by Rishi Kapoor in his biography. Krishna went straight out of the house to the Hotel Natraj and started living there. When Raj Kapoor came to know about this, he came to the hotel to convince his wife but she did not listen.

According to the news, Vyjayanthi Mala on the other hand started putting pressure on Raj Kapoor for marriage. As soon as the shooting of the Sangam film was over, Raj realized that his house was on the verge of collapse due to this affair. Krishna Kapoor left the hotel to stay in Chitrakoot with the children. Raj Kapoor went there and promised Krishna that he would no longer have a relationship with Vyjayanthi. The Sangam film became a super-duper hit. Vyjayanti Mala became the number one heroine overnight. After this, Raj Kapoor never had a serious affair with a heroine.

In 1968, Vyjayanth Mala married Chaman Lal Bali. The love story of both is also quite interesting. Once Vyjayanth had pneumonia, which Dr. Bali was treating. Bali was also one of his fans. While treating Vyjayanti, both of them fell in love, and they both got married. Vaijayanti and Bali have a son. Last year itself, Vyjayanth Mala performed Bharatanatyam in Chennai. Even at the age of 84, she beats the big actress in dance