And with this, after the campaigning for the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections ended, now PM Narendra Modi has reached Kanyakumari on Thursday. After reaching here, he worshiped in the historic Shri Bhagvati Amman temple, which is included in the 108 Shaktipeeths.

PM Modi reached Kanyakumari by helicopter from Thiruvananthapuram. There is also a helipad at the government residence in Kanyakumari, where the PM's helicopter landed.

After resting for a while in the government residence, he reached the Amman temple and then he worshiped there. The priests of the temple welcomed the PM in a traditional way. During this, the PM was seen in a very different style. He was wearing the traditional dress of that place. With this worship, the PM has now started his 45-hour meditation.

Different styles seen in the pictures
In the pictures that have surfaced, PM Modi is seen worshiping God and doing parikrama. During this, he wore the traditional Veshti (dhoti) and Angavastram. After worshiping the presiding deity, the Prime Minister circumambulated the sanctum sanctorum. After the worship, the priests of the temple also presented him with a souvenir. Many people do not know what Veshti and Angavastram are, so let us tell you about this as well.

What is Veshti?

Let us tell you that in many states, Veshti is their traditional dress. It is an unstitched white colored cloth, which is carried like a dhoti. Veshti is mostly worn during worship.

Also know about Angavastram

Angavastram is a rectangular cloth worn on the shoulder, which looks like a shawl. There is beautiful work on its border. The PM also wore Angavastram on his shoulder during worship in Kanyakumari.

Reached Kanyakumari for 45 hours of meditation
Let us tell you that after the end of the campaigning for the last phase of the Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to meditate at the famous Vivekananda Rock Memorial (on Vivekananda Shila) in Kanyakumari. He has come here to meditate for 45 hours.