Often you must have seen that many times such occasions come when girls plan to hang out and think of going to a place with their gang where they can have fun freely and they do not face any problems. But the biggest problem that comes in front of the girls is safety and thinking about this, the family members of the girls do not allow them to go for a trip. But today we will tell you about some such places where you can roam with your friend safely and enjoy. So let's know about the best places for girls' trips.

* Kerala: Kerala is a very safe place for girls' trips. Kerala is the safe and best location to visit in every season whether to see the greenery or enjoy the mountains or go for a beach trip.

* Goa: Goa is also very safe in terms of girls. Goa is the best destination for bindaas and party-loving girls.

* Kasaul: This place is best for hanging out with friends. It can also be kept in the option for fun with friends on the mountain and for girls' trips.

* Rishikesh: Girls can plan for their girl trip to Rishikesh. Also, you can enjoy rafting, etc.

* Shillong: Shillong is considered a very safe city for girls. Everyone here respects girls a lot. In such a situation, this place is best for a girls' trip.