Everyone likes to travel, from time to time a plan is made by us to travel, in which we give more importance to going to the beachside. But what if the same beach turns out to be useless or dirty? If this happens to us, then the whole plan made by us gets spoiled and there is no desire to roam around it. There are many such beaches around the world, where visiting is not enjoyable but stressful. Let us know about some such beaches.

#Blackpool, England: A beach in North West England that has repeatedly failed to meet cleanliness standards, the overall atmosphere around the area is sure to cause more stress than pleasure

# Camilo Beach, Hawaii: Camilo Beach on the Big Island has several nicknames that reflect its location: Trash Beach and Plastic Beach. Ocean currents pull trash out of the ocean. Plastic waste is found in sufficient quantity at this place.

# Doheny Beach, California: Considered one of the most polluted beaches in the world, with high concentrations of bacteria and fecal coliform, visiting this beach is not without its dangers.

# Guanabara Bay Beaches, Brazil: In separating floating litter from raw sewage, horrendous things contaminate the water and sand, the worst beaches in Rio are on the shores of Guanabara Bay, where swimming has often been closed

#Pattaya, Thailand: One of the largest beaches in the world, Pattaya's beaches are a disgusting mix of cheap hotels and sex shows. In the meantime, you'll still find a lot of dirt.

# Henderson Island, British Overseas Territories: As it is one of the most remote islands in the world, there are not many recommended beaches near it. When scientists spent three months on the island in 2015, they found 18 tonnes of plastic (that's an estimated 37.7 million plastic plasters) located on the 14.4-square-meter island – the highest density of litter anywhere in the world.