Whenever there is talk of religious places in the country, it includes temples, mosques, gurudwaras, and churches including places of all religions, which reflect the unity in diversity in the country. These religious places of India also become attractions in tourism. Today in this episode, we are going to talk about the beautiful and famous churches of the country, to see which people not only from India but also from abroad reach here. These churches are known for their beauty, architecture, and carvings. People go here and enjoy the positive vibes here. Here we are telling you about some churches in India, which hold their place globally. Let's know about them...

Vallarpadam Church of Kerala
The 'Our Lady of Ransom' Church located at Ernakulam in the state of Kerala is known for its grandeur and beauty. Thousands of tourists visit this church every year. These tourists are not only from the state of Kerala but a large number of tourists from other states also come to this church to offer prayers. It is said about this church that it was built in 1524 AD. It was built by the Portuguese in 1676 but was destroyed by a flood in 1676. After this, after rebuilding this church, in 1951 the Government of India declared it a national pilgrimage site.

Delhi's Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Church, located in the country's capital Delhi, is said to be the oldest church in India. The thing about this church made of white marble is unique. There is so much peace and spirituality experienced in this church that the tourists who come here spend time here for hours. Along with spirituality, a large number of tourists visit this church to see its architecture.

Christ Church of Shimla
The historic Christ Church is situated on the ridge grounds of the Queen of Hills, Shimla. This is the second oldest church in northern India, whose beauty attracts many people today. Built-in Neo-Gothic style in the year 1857, this church was built for the Anglican British Community, which was then called Simla. This church looks like a crown from many kilometers away. There are 5 big windows in this church. These windows symbolize faith, hope, charity, patience, and humility in the Christian faith. It is open every Sunday. Every year lakhs of tourists from India and abroad come to see and pray in this church.

All Saints Cathedral of Allahabad
Allahabad is a religious city of Hindus, but the All Saints Cathedral Church, also known as the 'Church of Stones' in Allahabad, is also very popular among visitors. This church was built by the British in the Gothic style in the 19th century. It was designed by the famous British architect William Emerson, who had earlier designed the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. Along with its beauty, the church of Allahabad is also known for its vastness. It is said that 400 people can sit together and pray in this church.

Valankanni Church of Tamil Nadu
This church is located in Tamil Nadu, India and this church is known as 'Bastille of Our Lady Good Health'. Its beauty is worth seeing. This church is also called 'Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health'. It is said about this church that it is so beautiful that it is difficult to take your eyes off it. It is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. The distance from Chennai to Velankanni Church is 350 kms. According to historians, this church was built in the sixteenth century. At that time it was in the form of a hut. In the year 1771, it became a full-fledged church. This church remains open throughout the day. At the same time, it remains open at night on the occasion of Christmas.

St. Paul's Cathedral, Kolkata
Kolkata is considered to be a very beautiful city. From food and drink to sightseeing, people like everything here. A large number of tourists reach here every year. The foundation of this church was laid in 1839 and was completed in the year 1842. St. Paul's Cathedral Church was built by the British. An attempt has been made to build this church with Indian stone. Tourists are also surprised to see the beauty of this church.

Santa Cruz Basilica Church of Kochi
This church was also taken over by the Portuguese. This is one of the first churches in India. It is one of the few buildings in the city which displays the Gothic influence. It was one of the few buildings saved from destruction when the Dutch invaders were destroying Catholic buildings. The church has frescoes and canvas paintings that tell the story of the birth and death of Jesus Christ.