India has many neighboring countries, one of which is Sri Lanka located on the sea island, with which India's relations are very good. There are also many cricket matches between the India-Sri Lankan team, which the people of both countries enjoy a lot. There is also a mythological connection between the two countries which is linked to Ram-Ravana. Many people from India like to visit Sri Lanka for tourism, where many places are considered to be the best to visit. These places of Sri Lanka are known for their historical importance as well as beauty. Today in this episode, we have brought you information about some tourist places in Sri Lanka. So let's know about these places in Sri Lanka...

Ravana Waterfall
You must be thinking that there can be a waterfall in the name of Ravana. So let us tell you that Ravana Waterfall is also included of the best destinations in Sri Lanka, which is known for its beauty. Most of the tourists come here to take a bath and have fun. Lush green trees and plants are also present near the beautiful waterfalls, which make this place more attractive.

Mintel Place is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist places in Sri Lanka. It is also known as Parvatmala in Sri Lanka. This place is not only historical but also associated with Buddhist communities. There are also many beliefs about this place that Buddhist monk Mahinda met King Devanampyatisa here. The king was greatly impressed by the Buddhist monk and renounced war and established peace.

Mirissa Beach
If you like to party, then Miris Beach is perfect for you. Let us tell you that Miris Beach is one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka, where tourists like to come with their friends or with their partners. You can also come here with your partner and enjoy many activities. Here you can also do activities like whale watching, snorkeling and surfing.

Gal Vihar
You can also visit Gal Vihar the major tourist place in Sri Lanka. This scenic spot of Sri Lanka is located in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. Gal Vihar is a famous place related to Buddhism and many sculptures related to Buddhism will be found here. Many caves located here attract the attention of the tourists. Gal Viharya is one of the best sightseeing places in Sri Lanka. If you go on a trip to Sri Lanka, you can also choose this place.

Unawatuna is also a place worth visiting after Mintel Place in Sri Lanka. It is situated on the sea coast of Sri Lanka, which is a picnic spot for tourists. People come here to see the beautiful scenery, colorful fish and have fun. Apart from this, you can also enjoy delicious food here.

Udawalawe National Park
Udawalawe National Park is a beautiful place among the places to visit in Sri Lanka, which is one of the places where elephants can also be seen. However, apart from the elephants, there are many other animals including jackals, buffalo, peacocks, crocodiles, monkeys, and deer, etc., to see which tourists come from far and wide. Early morning is considered to be the best time to take a safari in this place as during this time you will be able to spot more and more animals roaming around.

Yala National Park
Yala National Park is a beautiful place among the places to see in Sri Lanka, which boasts of different species of fauna and presents a spectacular sight to tourists. Leopards are the largest number of animals found in this wildlife sanctuary. Apart from this, elephants, sloth bears, and crocodiles are the major attractions of this sanctuary.

Dambulla Cave Temple Complex
Dambulla Cave Temple, which is included in Sri Lanka's sightseeing, is a holy place related to Buddhism. The temple is especially busy on full moon days because of the religious significance of this moon phase. The number of pilgrims coming from all over the world is seen very high in this cave temple. More than 80 caves have been built in this area popular for caves, which attracts tourists.