India is called the country of temples where one or the other deity is worshiped in every street. Devotees worship their favorite with due worship and devotion. But today in this episode we are going to tell you about such temples where animals are not worshiped but gods and goddesses. These temples have their unique history which has become their identity. So let's know about these temples of the country where animals are worshipped.

Monkey Temple, Jaipur
By the way, you must have seen the terror of monkeys in the temples to date, from which people go out hiding while saving their belongings. But there is a temple in Jaipur where monkeys are considered very sacred. The Galtaji Temple in the city is known as the Monkey Temple where monkeys are worshipped. There is no entry fee for tourists and if you want to feed the monkeys, you can buy things like dry fruits or bananas from here. In the evening, there is a huge crowd of tourists to see the monkeys.

Nag Temple, Kerala
Snakes may be poisonous, but snakes are one of the sacred animals of India. Snakes are worshiped in the Mannarasala Sri Nagaraja temple in Kerala. The temple is believed to be one of the largest snake temples in the country, with around 30,000 images of snake sculptures present in the temple. Women desiring children visit the temple in large numbers and install a snake idol when their wish is fulfilled.

Bear Temple, Chhattisgarh
Every day something strange happens in Chandi Mata Temple. In Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, some bears come to this temple at the time of aarti, eat prasad from the priest and go around nine times. Interestingly, he never hurt the people of the temple. Chandi Mata Temple is near Malkangiri Forest Division from where these bears come.

Rat Temple, Rajasthan
Whenever we see a rat in the house, we start planning day and night to get rid of it, but there is a temple in India where rats are worshiped with a true heart. The Karni Mata Temple of Rajasthan is known to be inhabited by rats. The interesting thing is that the rats eat food with the people who come here to worship. The temple is home to 20,000 rats and interestingly, no case of plague or other diseases has been reported in the area so far. Local people believe that Karni Mata was born a rat after her death. Happened in. They also believe that when rats die in the field, they are reborn in the temple.

Dog Temple, Channapatna
Dogs are considered to be the cutest pets in the world. Dogs are also called the cutest animals, and no matter where they go, or the way they guard their owner and home, hardly anyone would care so much for each other in today's time. But neither we nor you would have thought that there would be a temple for dogs. In Channapatna, the city of toys, people have built a temple for dogs. Locals believe that since the dogs are selfless, loyal, and trustworthy, they protect their village from any wrongdoing.

Bull Temple, Bangalore
Not only the cow, but the bull is also considered quite sacred by the people in some parts of the country. There is one such temple in Bangalore, where the bull is worshiped by the devotees. This temple, popularly known as the Bull Temple, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bangalore. A huge granite idol of Nandi (the bull) is housed in this beautiful temple. It is believed that the river Visva Bharati originates from the feet of this statue. It is said that the temple was built to control a bull that destroyed all the crops in the area.

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