We all like to take selfies. In such a situation, whenever we go to a new place, we do not forget to take selfies. Sometimes a selfie can win you thousands. You may also be surprised to hear this, but it is completely true. In today's article, we are going to tell you about a place where you will have to pay a fine of 25 thousand for taking a selfie.

This is the rule in Portofino

Tourists coming to Italy's Portofino stop on the streets and start taking selfies. Portofino is such a beautiful place that people come from far and wide to see its beauty. In such a situation, people are not able to stop capturing the view here in their cameras. The mayor of Portofino, Matteo Viakawa, said that chaos is increasing here. Tourists are only responsible for this.

This rule has been made due to tourism

Tourists come and stay here and enjoy the colourful nature. If you stop here and take a selfie, then you will have to pay a fine of 275 Euros (Rs 24,777). This rule has been implemented here because more and more tourists have started coming here. Here people stop on the roads and start taking selfies. Due to this, there is a traffic jam. These restrictions will apply from 10.30 am to 6 pm.

Apart from Portofino, the selfie is banned in many places.

Let us tell you that Portofino is not the only place that is banning selfies. Some places in the USA, France and even UK also have these rules. This is done for the benefit of the tourist only. Due to heavy traffic, tourists, as well as common people, have to face a lot of problems. Such rules are made to control the traffic.

image credit: freepik