Often there is a dispute between the players on the cricket field. Sometimes this heat increases very much and after the suggestion of the rest of the players, this fight also becomes quiet. But there are some controversies that go on for a long time. One such controversy took place in the IPL regarding the rule of Mankading. Ravichandran Ashwin, who was the captain of the Punjab team, had Mankading out Rajasthan opener, Jos Buttler. After which there was a lot of debate in the cricket world.

England fast bowler James Anderson and Indian bowler Ravichandran Ashwin came face to face on this matter. The situation got so bad that the English bowler cut Ashwin's photo by putting it in a paper cutting machine and also shared a video of it. This incident is from 2019. In a match of IPL 2019, the Rajasthan team came out to chase the target by Punjab. Rajasthan opener Jos Buttler was in good form. Seeing his brilliant batting, it seemed that Rajasthan's team would win the match in the 17th over itself.

But then Ashwin came to bowl. Butler was standing at the nonstrike end. But Ashwin, taking a run-up, suddenly hit the ball into the wicket at the non-strike end and appealed to the umpire to get out. Umpire Ravichandran was shocked by this appeal of Ashwin. Due to the rules, the umpire had to give Butler out. After which Butler was very angry and said that this is not sportsmanship. Ashwin was also very angry about this matter with Butler and he signaled Butler to return to the pavilion.

As soon as Butler returned to the pavilion, arguments started pouring in for and against Ashwin on social media. When this matter reached Anderson, he also did not miss the opportunity to troll Ashwin. He posted a picture of Ahmed getting Huraira out of Mankading on social media and also suggested the ICC remove the rule of Mankading.

When Ashwin saw Anderson's tweet, he replied and wrote – Removing the rule requires some deliberation. For now, you can put it in a machine with a piece of paper. Anderson also did not back down and gave a befitting reply to Ashwin's answer. He put a picture of Ashwin in a paper cutting machine and cut it into pieces.

When Ashwin saw this video of Anderson, he wrote – Anderson feels that what I did was wrong. Maybe tomorrow he himself is doing Mankading. Who knows, it is right or wrong. I don't think it is necessary in this case because it is in the law and that is what I did. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot do anything which is against the rules. My team is also standing behind me. Many players also came to me who said that whatever I did at that time was right.