The players playing in the Indian team have no shortage of wealth and fame. Players become stars as soon as they come to the Indian team and earn a lot. Today we are going to tell you about one such Indian batsman who is 24 years old and has earned crores of rupees till now.

We are talking about the Indian team's young wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant, who has cemented his place in Team India in a very short time. His game is known to the whole world. He has also shown his captaincy in IPL. Rishabh Pant lives a luxury life. But no one will have an idea of ​​Rishabh Pant's net worth. You will also be surprised to know his net worth.

Currently, Rishabh Pant is only 24 years old and he has earned crores of assets at this age. According to media reports, currently, Rishabh Pant's total assets are around Rs 66.42 crores. Rishabh Pant is fond of expensive cars. He owns cars like Mercedez, Audi A8, and Ford, which cost Rs 2 crore, Rs 1.80 crore, and Rs 95 lakh.

Rishabh Pant earns Rs 10 crore annually. While he earns Rs 30 lakh every month. Rishabh Pant also has a luxurious designer house in Haridwar, Uttarakhand in which he has got a small gym built. His sister Sakshi and mother live in this house.

Rishabh Pant is in Grade A in the BCCI Contact List, under which he gets Rs 5 crore annually. He gets a match fee of Rs 3 lakh per Test match, Rs 2 lakh per ODI match, and Rs 1.50 lakh per T20 match. Apart from this, Rs 8 crore is given to Rishabh Pant by the team Delhi Capitals for one season.