There has been more than one star in the Indian cricket world. However, we are all unaware of how hard these cricketers have to work to reach this level. Today we are telling you about the Indian cricketer whom his mother used to beat for playing cricket and asked him to study. But he didn't listen to anyone. Not only this, this cricketer had got dengue. Despite this, he had come to join the cricket camp. But today that cricketer is one of the most dangerous bowlers in India.

We are talking about Mohammad Siraj, who has now joined the dangerous bowlers of the Indian team. Mohammad Siraj's childhood has passed with many difficulties. Mohammad Siraj was to join the Under-23 camp. But a few days back he had got dengue. He was being given glucose in the hospital.

He told the coach that he would not be able to come to the camp. The coach felt that he was making excuses because he said that he should either reach the field or be out of the team. Siraj understood that now live or die, but I have to go on the field. Siraj had quietly left the hospital without informing the doctor. Today, Mohammad Siraj has become a very dangerous bowler, whose balls in the face of good batsmen lose their sweat.