Many times very strange coincidences are made in the game of cricket, about which the fans are not aware. Some coincidences are very difficult to believe. Today we are telling you about one such interesting coincidence in the cricket world. Today we are telling you about the player who was born on the date he scored the same number of runs in his career.

We are talking about former England wicket-keeper batsman Alex Stewart, who was born on 8 April 1963 i.e. 8-4-63.
Surprisingly, he scored 8463 runs in his Test career as well. This coincidence is very rare, which is rarely seen. Hardly such a coincidence would have happened with any other cricketer.

Talking about Alec Stewart, he played 123 Test matches in his Test career, in which he scored 8463 runs with the help of 15 centuries at an average of 40. Apart from this, he took 263 catches in Test cricket. He bowled twice in his career and bowled 20 balls. He made his Test debut in 1990 and played for England till 2003. He was 40 years old when he said goodbye to international cricket. But the record that was made regarding his date of birth is very unique.