The Asia Cup is going to start on 27 August on UAE soil. In the Asia Cup, Team India will play its first match against Pakistan on August 27. Team India is considered to be a strong contender to win the Asia Cup. There is a player in the Indian team who remains a threat to the opposing teams. The opposing teams are in panic with this player. This player alone has the power to make Team India win the Asia Cup.

We are talking about the star player of the Indian team, Hardik Pandya, who has emerged as the biggest match-winner for Team India for some time now. Hardik Pandya can play the main role in winning the Asia Cup. Whenever there is a big tournament, the Indian team needs a player, who keeps playing till the end. Hardik Pandya is one such player. He performs well with both the ball and the bat and also plays a role in fielding.

Hardik Pandya has the ability to play shots in every corner of the field. Ever since Hardik Pandya returned to the field after the break, he has been rocking. Opposing teams are also afraid of Hardik Pandya. Hardik Pandya single-handedly has the power to win the Asia Cup to win the Indian team.