Records are made and broken every day on the cricket field. But sometimes players make such records which are impossible to break. Today we are telling you about one such record, which is recorded in the name of an Indian bowler. This is the record for taking 3 wickets in 2 balls. Do you know that in 2 balls, an Indian bowler did a wonderful job of taking a hat-trick?

The bowler who has done this amazing is Pravin Tambe. During a match of IPL 2014, Praveen Tambe achieved the feat of taking a hat-trick in 2 balls. A match was played between Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2014, in which the Kolkata team was given a target of 171 runs to win by Rajasthan Royals. The bowlers of Rajasthan's team presented a great bowling scene in this match.

In the 16th over, Praveen Tambe came out to bowl and threw the first ball of the over wide. But on this ball, Sanju Samson was caught by Manish Pandey. The ball was wide, due to which it was declared invalid by the umpire. But Rajasthan Royals got 1 wicket on this ball. After this, when Praveen Tambe came to bowl the second ball, he took the wicket of Yusuf Pathan, and then on the next ball, he made Ryan Dashkate his victim. In this way, Praveen Tambe created a sensation by taking 3 wickets in 2 balls and led the team Rajasthan Royals to victory in the match.