Maiden over is very important for the bowler in the game of cricket. It is very difficult for any bowler to stop runs on all six balls of the over. But there has been more than one best bowler in world cricket who has bowled maiden overs. But today we are going to tell you about the Indian bowler who bowled 21 consecutive maidens. The British were longing to score runs in front of this Indian bowler.

We are talking about former Indian bowler Bapu Nadkarni, who is also called India's most stingy bowler. Bapu Nadkarni was a spin bowler, who holds the world record for bowling 21 consecutive overs in his name. 56 years ago today, Bapu Nadkarni did this amazing thing against England.

In 1966, during a Test match played against England in Madras, Bapu Nadkarni scored 21 consecutive overs without conceding any runs. In front of Bapu Nadkarni, the England bowlers yearned to score runs. Bapu Nadkarni had bowled amazingly against the British in this historic match and surprised everyone. Although Bapu Nadkarni did not get any wicket in this match. But he spent only 5 runs in 32 overs and also bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs.