The BCCI is currently busy preparing for the 2022 IPL.

The BCCI will hold an important meeting next month, which will be attended by all the franchisees. The new corona virus, Omicron, is currently spreading rapidly in India and the situation is expected to worsen in the near future. The BCCI will make efforts to address the situation in the near future and the issue will be discussed at the meeting.

According to media reports, the BCCI may start the next season of the IPL from Chennai in April. The BCCI will come up with two different plans for the IPL at its meeting next month. If Corona's condition does not deteriorate, then IPL matches will be played on home (home ground) and away (opponent's home ground) basis.

But, if the situation worsens, another option will have to be prepared. With no other option in the IPL this year, it was time to suspend the tournament by half and the rest of the matches were later played in the UAE.

Mumbai-Pune IPL will be considered

Announcing the meeting next month, the franchise official said, "The meeting will be mainly to introduce the two new franchises, Lucknow and Ahmedabad, to the BCCI's operations. Consideration will also be given to organizing. The meeting will also focus on informing the owners about the options. "

Officials of some franchises also said that they have no plans to hold the IPL in the UAE.

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Earlier, the BCCI had organized the 2020 IPL in the UAE against the backdrop of Corona. The 2021 IPL was then held in India, but the tournament was postponed due to increasing corona and some members of the team's support staff being infected. The BCCI will try its best not to postpone the tournament by half next season.