Batsmen always dominate in T20 cricket. There are very few occasions when bowlers put any over maiden in their spell. Usually, batsmen score runs fast but there have been many such bowlers in IPL who have also done the feat of bowling maiden overs. Today we are telling you about the Indian bowlers who bowled two consecutive maiden overs in IPL history.

Mohammad Siraj
Mohammad Siraj was the first bowler to bowl two consecutive maiden overs in IPL. Who did this feat in IPL 2019? He had bowled 2 overs maiden overs in 4 overs of his quota. Mohammad Siraj bowled 2 consecutive maiden overs in the 2020 IPL against Kolkata Knight Riders. He has done this feat not once but twice.

Harshal Patel
The second name in this list comes from RCB's best fast bowler Harshal Patel. Harshal Patel bowled two consecutive maiden overs against Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2022. Let us tell you that Harshal Patel was bought by the RCB team in the mega auction for Rs 10.75 crore and he has lived up to the trust of his team.