Shardul said the game he has played in England and Australia will also be played in South Africa.

Shardul Thakur, who has proved to be a dark horse for Team India as India are currently playing a Test match against South Africa, said that the same game he has played in England and Australia will be played against Africa and will play a very important role in giving victory to the team.

He also thanked the team management and said that his moon has been shown to be stronger than that of Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav which is really commendable. He further added that he would be happier if the same performance was seen against England and Australia as it was against Africa.

Shardul Thakur, the dark horse of the Indian team, said that whenever he stands on the ground to play any game, he sticks to the plan he has made, be it Bollywood or batting. He also said that his confidence is very important when any player comes down to the field to play the game and if the player succeeds in cultivating his confidence then the victory of the team is always there. In international cricket, Shardul Thakur is the fastest wicket-taker and contributes 366 runs. Shardul has also played 3 international matches for the school Indian team.

Rain washed away the second day of the first test

In the first Test of the three-match series against Africa, India are currently playing at Centurion when India lost wickets on the first day and scored 272 runs. KL Rahul, the vice-captain of this Indian team, was unbeaten on scoring a century while Ajinkya Rahane is also batting 40 more. Only time will tell whether there will be any rain on the third day but the series of this Test match will prove to be very important for both the teams and it would not be a surprise if Shardul Thakur proves to be a real dark horse for the Indian team.