Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the former captain of the Indian cricket team. He does not let anyone know about what is going on in his life. Like he got married suddenly and suddenly announced his retirement. But now the news is coming that Dhoni is troubled by knee pain and he is not getting his knee pain treated by a doctor.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni earns crores of rupees. But still, he is getting his knee pain treated not by any doctor but by Vaidya, who charges only ₹ 40. The name of that doctor is Vandan Singh Kherwar, who lives in Baba Galgali Dham of Kantig Kela in Lampung, about 70 km from Ranchi. Vaidya Vandan Singh Kherwar is very famous, from whom people come from far and wide to get treatment. He treats patients through herbs.

It has been learned that Dhoni was troubled by knee pain during this year's IPL. Still, he kept on playing and now he is getting his treatment done. When Dhoni told his family about his knee pain, his father advised him to go to the doctor. Dhoni's parents have also got their knee pain treated by this doctor. Whenever Dhoni goes to Vaidya Ji, people gather there. He calls the patient once a week and gives the medicine. Dhoni is also going to Vaidya for the last 1 month.