England cricket team captain Jose Butler is known for his batting, but Josh Butler's love story is no less than a film story, the name of the girl whom Jose Butler fell in love with is Louise, and both of them dated each other for a long time. Dated.

The story of Jos Buttler's friendship with Lewis is amazing their friendship turned into love and the couple did not decide to get married immediately but focused on their careers first.

Jos Buttler did not decide to marry until he was selected for the England team and only after that Butler decided to marry Lewis. Jos Buttler did not decide to marry quickly and Lewis became Butler's fitness trainer. Gayi and both remained very close to each other and then decided to get married on 21 October 2017.

Jos Buttler is considered to be the most dangerous batsman in the world, England has won the 50-over 20-over World Cup, as well as in 2019, England won the 50-over World Cup for the first time and played a brilliant inning in the final. Won the T20 World Cup with the team.