The third and deciding match of the Test series is being played between India and South Africa in Cape Town. The Indian batsmen were disappointed on the first day and could only add 223 runs in the first innings. Now all the responsibility of keeping India in the match is on the bowlers and on the second day the captain Virat Kohli would have expected from the bowlers. He gave the same start to the team. Jasprit Bumrah came to bowl the first over of the second day and he clean bowled Aidan Markram on the second ball and explained why he is called a dangerous bowler.

Jasprit Bumrah had made all the arrangements to take Markram to the pavilion on the very first ball of the over. His ball came out on the outside of the off-stump. In the process of playing a shot on it, the ball took the edge of Markram's bat and went towards the street. However, the ball did not reach the fielder. Otherwise, Markram would have gone back on the very first ball of the day.

Everyone was stunned to see what Bumrah did on the next ball. This ball of his fell on the off-stump and came inwards quickly. Markram was not sure about his off-stump on the bad side. So instead of playing the ball, he raised the bat in the air. But the ball came in fast enough that the stumps were scattered. Even Markram himself could not believe that he got all four on this ball.

Bumrah is adding to the trouble of the batsmen
Earlier, Bumrah only used to bring the ball inwards. But now he has also learned to swing out very well. His biggest strength is bowling from wide of the crease. Since he has learned to swing out, the batsmen are finding it difficult to understand whether their ball thrown from the corner of the crease will come inwards or will go out. In this dilemma, many times he used to make the mistake of not playing the shot.

Markram did the same thing and he had to bear the brunt by losing his wicket. In the very next over, he also threw a similar ball to Keshav Maharaj. Which quickly came inwards and left very close to Maharaj's leg stump. Pant could not even catch this ball.

Bumrah also hunted Elgar
At what point is the match on the second day? In that sense, Markram's wicket will be very important for India. Because Markram is a good batsman and has scored 5 centuries in 28 Tests. In Johannesburg too, he played an important role in helping the team win on a difficult pitch. In such a situation, Bumrah has given a big advantage to Team India by taking his wicket. Even on the first day of this Test, Bumrah got the wicket of South Africa captain, Dean Elgar, on a brilliant ball.