IPL is the most popular T20 league in the world, in which players from all over the world are eager to play. In IPL, new cricketers get a chance to show their talent, due to which the Indian team is getting more than one player. But IPL is also proving to be harmful to Team India due to many reasons. Foreign cricketers also play along with Indian players in IPL. In such a situation, foreign players get to know about the weaknesses and strengths of Indian players.

Earlier Indian spinners used to dominate the foreign batsmen. But now this is not happening. Foreign cricketers playing in IPL have become a threat to Indian spinners on Indian soil. Currently, Team India is playing the T20 series against South Africa. There are many South African cricketers playing in this series, who also played in IPL 2022 and due to this, they got a good experience of playing spinners on Indian pitches.

This is the reason why Indian spinners are unable to trouble the South African batsmen in the series and are seen in trouble. The condition of the Indian team is looking bad in this series. Team India has lost 2 T20 matches and foreign players are taking full advantage of the weaknesses of Indian players. BCCI earns crores from IPL. The board uses this money to improve the domestic cricket circuit. But because of this, the secrets of Indian players are being exposed in front of foreign players and it has become difficult for Team India.