Indian Superstar Veer Mahan aka Rinku Singh is currently doing a tremendous job in WWE Raw. He debuted with a new gimmick on Raw after WrestleMania. Now every week his creepy style is being seen in the ring. After the debut, he first attacked the Mysterio family. He had spoiled the condition of Dominic Mysterio. This week also he spoiled the condition of the local wrestler in the show of Raw. Veer Mahan did not take much time to win this match and destroyed the local wrestler within 2 minutes. Veer Mahan is totally playing on his submission move. It's so dangerous that referees and WWE officials have to come into the ring.

Veer Mahan's different style
Veer Mahan was kept in Raw in last year's draft. Since then, the debut was being teased continuously with his new gimmick. Fans were also bored seeing his teaser every week. There were many allegations against WWE as well. WWE finally made his debut on Raw after WrestleMania. This time he is seen in the ring in a different style. He is doing bad things to his rivals. WWE wants to show him as a dangerous villain.Will Veer Mahan get good bookings?
If WWE booked Veer Mahan well, then he can again become India's biggest superstar in WWE. Earlier this feat was done by The Great Khali. Indian fans will have hopes that Veer Mahan also does something new every week. Well, according to the bookings now, it seems that WWE has prepared a good plan for him. In the coming time, he will be seen in more tremendous style.