Shikhar Dhawan is the new captain of the Indian team for the ODI series against New Zealand. Before the series began, he explained that he had a plan and was capable of making good decisions as captain.

Not afraid to take decisions as captain

Shikhar Dhawan has shown that he is a good captain now. Shikhar Dhawan said that “He is not afraid to take decisions as captain, even if it is not good for any player, because it can benefit the team.”

The Indian team won the T20 series against New Zealand by 1-0. Hardik Pandya took control of the team and performed well in all areas. Shikhar Dhawan is now the captain of the team in the ODI series.

The 3-match ODI series between the two teams begin today. Dhawan has been the captain of the team earlier as well. Earlier, under his leadership, India had won two matches against South Africa and one against Sri Lanka. Under his leadership, the team also had to face defeat against the West Indies.

Shikhar Dhawan will not hold back in taking decisions for the team

The Delhi batsman said that his decision-making ability has improved with time. Shikhar Dhawan says, “The more cricket you play, the more confident you feel about taking decisions on the field.

Earlier there were occasions when I would show respect to a bowler and give him the extra over, but now I have matured. Even if someone will feel bad, I will take the same decision which will benefit the team. Shikhar Dhawan said that it is important to have good leadership skills and win the trust of your players.

Shikhar Dhawan said, “If you are playing an instrument with strings, and the strings are too loose or too tight, the instrument will not sound good. If the strings are just the right tension, they will last and not break. The key to staying happy and healthy is finding a way to balance your life.

As a captain, it is important to strike a balance between your responsibilities and your interests. There are times when you need to tighten the string on your guitar and other times when you can keep it a little looser. It depends on what time it is. At this level, I have learned how to talk to players and how much to say.

IND vs NZ: It is necessary to have a balance between the players

If the bowler plays a good shot, it is important to know when to talk to him. I won't talk to her when it's hot. Instead, I'll have a frank talk with him later. The level of your skipper matters a lot when it comes to sailing.

If you are playing in an IPL game, most of the players will be older and more experienced, so it is important to consider whether to pull the strings. Sometimes in Ranji Trophy, you have to be tough with players who are still learning to play the game. This is especially true at this level, where some players are still new to the game. There has to be a balance to be happy.