Many players have come and gone in the history of cricket. But there have been very few players who have registered their names in golden letters. The role of an all-rounder has always been important in the game of cricket. If you have a good all-rounder, then the team benefits a lot from it. So far only two players have been able to hit 100 sixes and take 100 wickets in ODIs and 100 sixes and take 100 wickets in Tests. Let's know about them.

Let us tell you that Viv Richards did the amazing job of hitting 100 sixes and taking 100 wickets in Tests. Viv Richards played 187 ODIs in which he hit 126 sixes and took 118 wickets. Apart from him, no other batsman has been able to do this feat to date.
Now Ben Stokes has also joined this list. Ben Stokes has played 82 Test matches, in which he has hit 100 sixes and has taken 177 wickets. Apart from Ben Stokes, no all-rounder has touched this figure so far. By the way, Ben Stokes has become the third batsman to hit 100 sixes in Test cricket. Before him, Brendon McCullum and Adam Gilchrist had done this feat.