Test cricket has a long history. But a lot has changed in this format of cricket since its inception. However, there are some things that have not changed yet. In Tests, batsmen try to stay at the crease for a long time and play big innings. Today we are telling you about the top three batsmen who played the most balls in an innings of Test cricket.

Leonard Hutton

Leonard Hutton is a former England cricketer and he comes first on this list. Hutton played 847 balls in an innings and scored 364 runs in a Test match played against Australia at The Oval in 1938. Hutton also hit 35 fours in his innings.

Glen Turner

Glenn Turner is a former New Zealand cricketer and he comes second on this list. Glenn Turner did this feat in April 1972 in the Test match played against West Indies at Georgetown. In an innings, he faced 759 balls and scored 259 runs with the help of 22 fours.

Bob Simpson

Bob Simpson is a former Australian cricketer, who is at number three on this list. In 1964, Bob Simpson faced 743 balls in an innings in the Test match played against England in Manchester and scored 311 runs. In his innings, Bob Simpson had hit 23 fours and also hit a six.