England all-rounder Ben Stokes has revealed that he was terrified after a tablet got stuck in his throat that his end was near. Stokes is returning to international cricket before the Ashes series starting on December 8. He took a break due to mental health reasons and fracture in the finger.

In his column for the Daily Mirror, Stokes recounted this horrific experience. But it did not say when and where the incident happened.

The tablet got stuck in Stokes' neck.
Ben Stokes wrote, "I took a bullet that got stuck in my throat tube and I had to work very hard to get it out. Until she came out, I thought the end was near. I was alone in the room and could not even breathe. Slowly she melted but I was very scared. The team doctor came to see me and they told me what had happened.

Once Stokes was scared of breaking his arm.
Stokes told about another scary experience. He said that once he tried to pick up the ball, he felt a lot of pain in his arm. He wrote, "I couldn't lift the ball. I thought my arm was broken. It was good that when I came back to the dressing room, the pain got better and the physio confirmed that there was no fracture of any kind.

Ben Stokes suffered a finger fracture while fielding during the first half of IPL 2021. Since then, he was out of the cricket field and did not play in the first Test series against India and then the T20 World Cup, citing mental health.