Indian cricket star and rules all hearts Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a former captain of the Indian cricket team. Currently, Chennai Super Kings is the captain of the team. After a lot of hard work, dedication and struggle, Dhoni has achieved a great position in the world of cricket.

Even after getting success, he did not stop working hard. Along with Dhoni's progress, there have been many discussions about his personal life. His name used to come in discussion with many actresses and models. During the 2008 IPL, Dhoni's name was associated with an actress. There were also reports of both of them dating.

Actress Raai Laxmi told that the worst decision of her life was to date Dhoni. Their relationship lasted only from 2008 to 2009. Everything was going well but some issues had started between them. And as a result, both of them decided to separate. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is going to make a film, this heroine of South will be in the lead role

Not only this, actress Raai Laxmi tells that her relationship with Dhoni was a 'black spot' in her life. However, after the breakup of many relationships, Dhoni married Sakshi Dhoni. He is also very happy with them. He also has a daughter whom Dhoni loves very much. Dhoni is a legend in himself. There is hope and beating of crores of hearts. He has always proved himself. He is the best and costliest cricketer. His net worth is in crores. Apart from cricket, his ad shoot also earns money.