How To Catch Snake: On hearing the name of the snake, most people get goosebumps but some people catch the snake easily. Know what is the science behind it? Although the soul trembles at the sight of a snake, some people are experts in catching snakes. They know how to control a snake. Many people catch the snake by its hood but it can be dangerous. That is why experts recommend that the snake should be caught by its tail.The technique of catching snakes is interesting

It is very interesting to know why experts catch snakes by their tails. There are bones in the body of the snake from the mouth to the back, which is called Vertebrae. But the snake's tail has fewer bones than the whole body, so the snake can exert very little emphasis on its tail part.

How do experts catch snakes?

Apart from this, when experts hold the snake from the side of the tail, it is easy to control it. While catching the snake, the experts keep turning its tail little by little, due to which their distance from the snake remains.

The snake's tail does not have much sense

Experts also consider it better to hold the tail of a snake because its tail has negligible sense compared to the whole body of the snake. It is worth mentioning that the work of catching the snake should be done by the expert only. Do not try it at all or else you may have to give it up. The snake is very agile. If there is a slight mistake, it can bite you and your life can be in danger.

Let us tell you that there are about 3 thousand species of snakes found in the world. King cobra, python, krait, and viper are considered to be the most dangerous snakes. Where the king cobra is very poisonous, the python swallows its prey alive. Vipers and kraits are also known for their venom. These four snakes are found in India.