Bharat Interface for Money ie BHIM is a UPI-based payment interface. It facilitates real-time fund transfer using your single ID like a mobile number. With BHIM UPI, you can transfer and receive money from anyone who uses UPI. You can also pay bills on merchant websites with UPI. It also lets you scan the QR code to make instant payments. But many times your transaction gets declined during payment in this app. Here we will tell you why this happens and what you should do when it happens.

If you are planning to book flight tickets or recharge your mobile, you can do it with BHIM UPI. You can also check your transaction history on UPI. It also gives you the facility to send money through an account and IFSC code.

What are the reasons for the BHIM UPI transaction decline?
There can be many reasons for your BHIM UPI transaction decline due to which your transaction gets declined.

When the bank server is temporarily down.
In the case of fake transactions.
On entering the wrong UPI PIN.
On filling wrong beneficiary details.
If the mobile number is not updated.
In such cases, there is a risk of UPI transaction decline. In such a situation you need to contact your bank. Therefore, by correcting all these mistakes or omissions, you can easily make payments through BHIM UPI.

Where and how to pay with BHIM?
Where and how can you pay using BHIM? For this, you can pay your friends and family through UPI ID. If you are shopping online, all you need to do is click on the 'Pay by UPI/BHIM' option. You can also scan the UPI QR/BHIM OQ code at merchant outlets for swift payments. You can also scan the UPI QR/BHIM QR at merchant outlets.