The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has won an antitrust lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook's parent company Meta.

That being said, Meta may have to sell its popular apps WhatsApp and Instagram.

What is the charge?

The FTC is an independent US government agency that works to protect the interests of consumers.

The FTC alleges that Meta 'created a monopoly by undermining business competition.

Meta should sell two apps, WhatsApp and Instagram, according to FTC.

For that, FTC may file suit against Meta, the sources said.

Violation of competition rules

The FTC had filed a lawsuit against Meta last year alleging breach of professional competition rules.

However, due to lack of details, it was rejected. The FTC re-filed the application.

A federal judge has allowed the FTC to take action against Meta.

The monopoly of Facebook

District Judge James Bossberg said the FTC had sufficient evidence.

This will prove that Meta has created a monopoly in the field of social networking.

After 2016, the number of daily active users of Meta is 70%, according to the Comcast source data submitted by FTC.

Meta had filed an application seeking dismissal of the FTC suit. However, the court has rejected it.