Rising prices of petrol and diesel always bother us. The prices of petrol and diesel are continuously increasing and in such a situation, if the news is received from somewhere that the price of petrol is going to increase after a day, then there is a line of people to fill it. In such a situation, petrol remains filled in the tank of the vehicle for weeks or even months. But have you ever thought that what can petrol filled in the car's tank for so many days?

Petrol and diesel may not have an expiry date, but does the petrol lying in the vehicle's tank follow the same logic nor does its expiry date come sooner? Does petrol lying in the car's tank for months show any effect?

Today we are going to talk about this and we are going to tell you how spoilage of petrol can cause problems in your vehicle.

Is it okay to leave petrol in the car?

Many people get the tank full in the car and drive it for a while and then leave it like this for months. But do you know that this kind of work can further ruin the engine of your vehicle?

Petrol and diesel are a kind of fossils and they can produce corrosion over time. If we talk about a country like India, where the temperature rises very much and even an average day is hotter than 30 degrees Celsius. In such a situation, if the petrol remains in the vehicle's tank for a long time, then it will heat up and will start changing the engine in less than 1 month.

The oil lying in the car also works to spoil the engine and this increases the problem even more. Suppose your car or bike was parked in the heat for 1 month like this. In such a situation, along with petrol, the engine oil will also start getting spoiled.

If the weather is 30 degrees or less then both these things will last for 3 months and if it is 20 degrees then they will last for 6 months, but if it is more than 30 degrees then it will start spoiling quickly. Due to this, corrosion will be created in the engine of your vehicle and the carburettor will also wear out quickly.

This is the reason why there is a problem in starting the car after keeping it for several days. Although the discharge of the battery is also a reason behind it, a malfunction in the carburettor also does not allow the vehicle to start properly. If it is kept in the car for a long time, then the fuel pump may also get damaged.

Is it okay to keep a car in a parking lot for a long time?

If you are one of those who leave the car in the parking lot for several days then it is wrong. There is a lot of dust and heat in such places, due to which not only does your vehicle get hot but it also causes engine failure. You should not leave the car like this for several days. Along with external problems, the parts inside the vehicle also get damaged.


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