Disturbing news has come to light regarding the new variant of coronavirus 'Omicron'. Dr. Faheem Yunus, America's top infectious disease expert, found that if you are already infected with the Kovid-19 virus, then even in such a situation you are not protected from the 'Omicron' variant. It simply means that you can get infected again.

However, people who have been infected with Kovid-19 and who have also taken vaccines against the virus are very less likely to be infected with the new variant. The expert said, “There could be huge harmful effects for those international locations where the delta variant caused mass casualties.”

55% increase in new cases of corona between January 3 and 9

This information has come to the fore at a time when the cases of Kovid-19 have increased very rapidly all over the world. Even the international locations that were already devastated to a great extent by the Delta variant are seeing its impact. According to the data of the World Health Organization, during the week of 3-9 January 2022, there was a significant increase of 55% in new cases of the corona.

America most affected by Corona

There has been a significant increase in corona cases in all countries except the African region where an 11% drop in infection cases has been confirmed. The highest number of fresh cases were reported from the US (4,610,359 new cases; an increase of 73%), followed by France (1,597,203 new cases; an increase of 46%), and then the UK (1,217,258 new cases; an increase of 10%). There was an increase in the number of patients.