If you have not yet filed your income tax return, then fill it out today without delay, if you wait for the last date then it is possible that you may delay in filing the return and take the penalty because the government has made it clear that there will be no extension in the last date for filing income tax returns this year. A senior government official has clarified that the government is assuming that this time most of the returns will be filed before the last date, so there is no need to extend the date.

Why will the last date not extend this year?

Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj said that till July 20, 2.3 crore ITRs have been filled and there is a steady increase in it. He said that in the last financial year i.e. the year 2020-21, about 5.9 crore ITRs were filled. Then the last date was extended several times. It is expected that most of the ITRs will be filled by the last date this year. The secretary said that at present there is no talk of extending the last date. According to him, the response has been received from taxpayers that returns are being filed very fast and easily and refunds are also getting faster, he said that more than 2 crore returns have been filed and complaints have not been received regarding any problem. In such a situation, there is no thought of extending the last date. He said that people are now thinking that extending the last date has become a common practice, so they show some slowness in filing ITR in the beginning. Although now 15 to 18 lakh ITR are being filled every day and in the coming time it will increase to 25 to 30 lakh ITR, whereas last year 9-10 percent people had filled ITR on the last day and this figure is about 50 lakh. was. At the same time, the department is ready for one crore ITR on the last day this year.

When is the last date for filing an income tax return?

As per IT rules, for taxpayers whose accounts are not required to be audited, the last date for filing returns is July 31. An income tax return contains information about the income of the taxpayer in a financial year and the tax levied on it. The Income Tax Department issues 7 types of ITR forms, which are determined on the basis of the source of income and the taxpayer.